Victoria Bafi-Yeboa has released 3 of her first children’s storybooks—inspired through her international work with families and their exceptional children.

The books are extraordinary, fantastic and children of all ages will love to read them again and again!

PARIS VISIT July 2016.

Dr. Victoria Bafi-Yeboa at the monument of the famed moral therapist, Dr. Philippe Pinel.

Dr. Philippe Pinel (20 April 1745-25 October 1826) was a famous French physician and psychiatrist in charge of patients at the well-known hospital and asylum Bicetre, in Paris. Pinel was one of the scientists to observe, study and acknowledge developmental deficits in a boy with special needs- Victor of Aveyron. Pinel’s observations, studies and assessment reports about Victor contributed to the global study of special needs children.

The Doctor’s Office

MOMMIE, SNOOPY and JUMBOLINO are perfect for Doctor’s offices: As children undergo medical consultations and treatments with their parents.

Engaging little hands and tender minds will enjoy these fun stories.

Visiting my doctor’s office and I saw a little girl turning the pages of Snoopy Mr. Crab and amusing herself in the doctor’s waiting room. I sat opposite her and waved.

She looked at me, turned to page 11 and pointed at the picture of Snoopy and said, “big ”then flipped to page 27, and said, “eating.” She was learning and reading right before of my eyes!

Her Mom soon came from the consulting room and sat by her. I introduced myself and their eyes opened wide when I told them I wrote the book! Mom started to read the book from the beginning to my little fan. My little fan’s behaviour was so interesting that the doctor’s assistant asked me to sign the book so that they can tell their patients that they know the author.

Later, during my checkup the doctor told me that my little fan wanted her Mom to finish reading Snoopy before her examination. She couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

I later received an email from the Mom: 

Hi Victoria, It’s Dora and me; from the doctor’s office you spotted Dora reading your book. I just wanted you to know that after our appointment, we did read the rest of your book and Dora really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing with us that you were the author, very cool. Thanks and best of luck in your future stories, we will definitely keep our eyes open for some of your other books.


Mom & Dora  

I sent the trio books MOMMIE, SNOOPY MR. CRAB and JUMBOLINO The Dancing Clown to Dora and received another email:

“ Hello, I just wanted you to know that we received the books you sent Dora and she was so happy she kept hugging them. Thank you very much we read them and they are so cute. Dora loved them as well. Her favorite one is the Mommy one. Thank you again, and keep doing what you’re doing.”

Mom & Dora  (4 yrs.)


1.MOMMIE, SNOOPY MR.CRAB And JUMBOLINO                        

Alberta, Canada

This is a legend path with wealth of experiences no one can duplicate! Follow your heart.  You’re very passionate about your work. Perhaps you may in addition to these series want to write a very practical book for parents on, how to deal with particular children. You may also write for teachers. Focusing on how to deal with particular children, you’re so versatile.

University Professor.

2.  Northern Ontario, Canada

“Mommy Victoria, I am writing to express our gratitude for the gift of knowledge you gave to my girls. They enjoyed reading them and want to read your books every night before bedtime.”

A Mom and Daughters.

3. Ontario, Canada

Hi Victoria, it’s Addison and me from the Doctor’s office: You spotted Addison reading your book. I just wanted you to know that after our appointment, we did read the rest of your book and Addison really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing with us that you were the author, very cool.

Thanks and best of luck in your future stories, we will definitely keep our eyes open for some of your other books.               


Mom and 4yrs. Daughter

4.  Ontario, Canada

“May you share the love of these books with as many people as possible and that will be worth more than any amount of money you may make from the sales of the books. The fact that you bring joy to lots of kids is big reward money can’t replace. I will take a copy of all three books and display them at work!”

Father and Son



5. These are interesting and beautiful storybooks. The colors are so beautiful and the illustrations so bold. They’ll certainly do for children between the ages of 3 plus and 12.

I wonder if you work with the schools? Work with the schools because parents need these books very much!

A Mom


6. At Day Care, Ontario, Canada

Hello Victoria,

I read your stories to my kids and they loved them. One of them asked me to read one after school today. His favorite is Jumbolino.

I love the characters you chose in the stories, a clown, a crab, and a bird and wrote them into real life situations (Circus beaches and parks).

You mentioned in Jumbolino about loud noises and yes, I babysit 2 children with Autism and they do not like loud noises. They could relate to the mention of the loud flute.

Very sweet of you to give me these 3 books!!! I appreciate your kindness and I will continue to read these stories to my daycare kids for years to come.

Thanks so much.

7. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

The General Manager

Thank you for the stay Dr. Victoria Bafi-Yeboa and for your kind gesture in leaving behind some books for other guests to enjoy.

We hope to be of service to you again soon.

 Holiday Inn Express & Staybridge Suites


To UK!

With the children’s books; inspired by my international work with special needs and children and their families, including Britain. At   Ottawa Macdonald -Cartier International Airport Canada.

It’s so LOVELY!





Mommie, Snoopy Mr. Crab and Jumbolino The Dancing Clown are in UK Libraries.






As every child without special needs and their family, community and nation, read these books they enjoy!




They learn to share and care also for those children with special needs and their families.  It starts with basic education!








DIRECTION to CHEO’s Foundation Office

Victoria visits THE CHILDREN’ S HOSPITAL of EASTERN ONTARIO, CANADA to gift and to donate to the children, her children’s books inspired by her international work with special needs children and their families. 


Wow it thrills you!  Victoria signs her baby book, SNOOPY Mr. CRAB on her lap at the reception. 


What a lovely shot?  Mandy Arsenault, the Community Engagement Officer with Victoria.


MOMMIE, SNOOPY Mr. CRAB and JUMBOLINO The Dancing Clown were exhibited at the world’s Frankfurt Book Fair, 2020 Special Edition, Frankfurt, Germany!

These Families International, fun and educational kid’s books are inspired by special needs kids and their families. They ‘re created for every child and family to enjoy, share, and care! For inclusiveness, to stop bullying, and to reduce mental health concerns among kids!





The world’s Frankfurt Book Fair, says thank you to Dr. Victoria Bafi-Yeboa, Founder of Families International, Ottawa, Canada. For being a digital participant, at the 2020, Exhibition.