What is Families International?

It is an organization for all families but especially for those who have exceptional children.

Families International seeks to assist these families and their children to help them face and overcome the challenges that beset them more profoundly in the 21st Century. These include the development of the child, special care and education.

The organization does that by focusing on:

  • Action research.
  • Literary materials on child and development, special education and child assessments.
  • Faith and relationships
  • Children’s storybooks inspired through international work with families and their exceptional children.
  • Partnership with families.
  • Family teaching.     
  • Families are empowered to help themselves, their children and to be excellent partners to the existing institutional education systems available for their children.


To empower all families to be:

  • more successful;
  • help themselves and their children;
  • and to overcome diverse developmental and educational challenges.


To touch the lives of many families  globally either personally or peripherally, with excellence,  joy, and love!